Francis Darr with his black bear harvest

I had the opportunity to hire Jamie for my 2018 fall bear hunt. What a great opportunity it was! My buddy Mark and I were incredibly impressed by the hunt he put together for us. The accommodations at "camp" were amazingly comfortable. The beautiful camp we stayed in was secluded in the woods with nature all around, but came with all the comforts we could ask for. There were multiple active baits for us to choose from with different bears coming into them. We had the choice of multiple stand set ups. Both Mark and I saw bears on our very first sit within minutes of getting into our stands. Mark tagged out with his bow that first day. It took me longer, but Jamie went above and beyond to make certain I had plenty of opportunity. In the end, I took a beautiful 300 pound bruin with moments left of daylight on the last night I would be able to find time to get in the woods. If I could have written a script for the hunt, this is exactly how I would have written it. I can't thank Jamie enough for the amazing hunt and give him my strongest possible recommendation.

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