Marks successful harvest

My bear hunting buddy and I have been getting together every 3 years to hunt U.P. black bear for many years, with varying degrees of success and always some fun, both DIY and using an outfitter. In September 2017 we had our best hunt and experience ever with Jamie Ridl. Jamie is a man of integrity and hard work, and his excitement for hunting and getting us set up was evident pre-hunt to post-hunt. He allowed us to be as involved as we wanted, whether hauling up bait or scouting some, and sent trail camera pictures weekly ahead of time... that pre-hunt anticipation really had us pumped up. His camp is what you dream about, a great cabin/lodge, huge barn that came in handy after harvesting, and he just shared his place as if it was respectfully ours, in a family environment. When I arrowed a nice bear the very first night, Jamie was there with equipment for retrieval and immediately worked on cooling the bear off that hot day. I was able to have time to process the bear, get the meat to a butcher for specialty meat, to a taxidermist who did a great job on the half mount I had done, and then had the rest of the week to relax, help my buddy with his hunt (he eventually harvested an awesome bear too!). Jamie's connections with the butcher, DNR station, taxidermist all helped things go smoothly and stress free. Jamie even helped me get the mount back to my hometown eventually since he was travelling to our area, just a sign of his effort and commitment. I have told several of my friends, my brothers, and anyone about what a great hunt they would have if they spent time at Jamie's camp. He is a hunter and gets it, but is so real and down to earth with no bravado, making him not just a guide but a friend. Can't wait to go back.

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